The Noise Risk Assessment: Fuzzy Logic Approach

  • Sujit Kumar De


Noise pollution is one of the most harmful pollution relating to health hazards like other pollutions in the present world scenario. The main sources of noise have been generating from human malpractices to use of loud speakers in different festivals and several occasions and reckless horn pressing during car driving. Behavioral study explores that in many places, a large part of peoples are adopting with this environment years after year without taking care of health consciousness over different age groups. In our study we have shown how the noise pollution affects the peoples’ health of a specific region. Also we have developed a most reliable model for risk analysis using fuzzy inference logic. We have also assumed the normality in contributions for various noise parameters namely, noise level, exposure time and affected age group of the people of a particular place as well. However, we have developed the key indexes of normal expected level of noise parameters extensively. Finally, graphical illustrations are made for global justification of the model itself keeping some scope of future research.

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